Saturday 22 June 2024 - 02:51

Commander: Iran Responds Decisively to Any Threat

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Commander: Iran Responds Decisively to Any Threat
Sabahifard inspected various parts, sites, and radar positions of the Shiraz Air Defense Unit while in the South Air Defense Zone, assessing the combat readiness and operational capability of these units.

During his visit, General Sabahifard addressed a group of commanders and employees, emphasizing that wherever Iran has achieved success, it was due to the "jihadist spirit and pursuit of martyrdom." He stressed the importance of promoting this spirit and culture across the country.

Highlighting the need to enhance combat power, he stated that by relying on internal strength and obeying the Supreme Commander, "we are stronger and more advanced than ever in terms of defense, and we assure that we will respond decisively to any kind of threat."