Sunday 23 June 2024 - 01:44

Turkey Shipping Goods to Israel via Third Parties Despite 'Official Ban'

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Turkey Shipping Goods to Israel via Third Parties Despite
Figures from Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) revealed that the regime had imported $116 million worth of goods from Turkey in May.

Early last month, Turkey said it was suspending its exports to the territories as long as the regime retained the siege.

The regime has been enforcing the siege since 2006. It has, however, tightened it even further since October 7 last year, when Tel Aviv began waging a genocidal war against the coastal sliver.

Since the enforcement of the ban by Ankara, “Turkish goods have been re-routed through Greece and other nearby countries” to reach the occupied territories, The Middle East Eye (MEE) said.

“The Israeli authorities don't even ask Turkish companies to amend their certificate of origin to re-export the goods through Greece because it would increase the costs further, so they are Turkish products,” one Turkish businessman said.

“White label products with Hebrew tags were prioritized, but every sort of good is getting shipped to Israel, especially those ordered before the trade embargo,” he said.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government suffered “significant” election losses in March.

The losses had been mainly incurred due to dissatisfaction with the government’s policy towards the Israeli regime on the part of the government’s supporters, who were outraged by the Israeli war on Gaza.