Sunday 23 June 2024 - 09:50

Gallant Heads to D.C. to Discuss Development in Gaza, Lebanon

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Gallant Heads to D.C. to Discuss Development in Gaza, Lebanon
The minister described the trip as the most critical and challenging he had undertaken. “The meetings with the senior government officials are critical for the future of the war,” he said before boarding his flight.

He will be meeting Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, CIA Director William Burns, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, and others, Zionist media reported.

During these meetings, I plan to discuss developments in Gaza and Lebanon, he said. “We are prepared for any action that may be required in Gaza, Lebanon, and additional areas.”

Reports suggest that the main aim of the whirlwind is to get the US to unfreeze a shipment of heavy-duty bombs it has been withholding from Israel.

The trip comes amid a public spat between US President Joe Biden’s administration and the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who on Tuesday issued a video statement attacking the US for its “inconceivable” weapons holdup, claiming that more arms shipments have also been held back.

The White House has since repeatedly insisted it has “no idea” what Netanyahu was referring to besides the one shipment.

Some analysts have speculated that Netanyahu’s video was aimed at ensuring the premier would receive the credit if the US agreed to move forward with the transfer following Gallant’s visit.