Monday 24 June 2024 - 01:22

The American Media’s Report on the Israeli Military’s Challenges against Hamas and Hezbollah

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The American Media’s Report on the Israeli Military’s Challenges against Hamas and Hezbollah
The American news agency Bloomberg reported that Daniel Hagari, spokesperson for the Israeli army, openly acknowledged that the notion of destroying Hamas was primarily aimed at boosting Israeli morale. He emphasized that Hamas is an ideology and cannot be entirely eradicated, stating that anyone believing otherwise is mistaken.

According to the report, despite these acknowledgments, it is evident that Hamas has not been eliminated. It maintains thousands of fighters and an extensive tunnel network beneath Gaza's main cities, with substantial evidence indicating that this movement will persist for the foreseeable future.

The report also highlights the significant challenges faced by Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, in achieving declared objectives such as the destruction of Hamas and the release of captives, making it difficult for him to declare victory in this conflict.

Netanyahu reiterated his commitments this week, asserting that the war will persist until the dismantling of Hamas and the release of captives. He expressed his frustration with renewed intensity, declaring, "My stance is clear, and those who oppose it should state their position openly."

According to Bloomberg's report, these developments coincide with heightened tensions in Netanyahu's relations with the US government. The report cites John Kirby, spokesperson for the US National Security Council, affirming that these tensions will not detract from the shared objective of "liberating captives, achieving a ceasefire, and working towards a pathway to end the conflict" between Washington and Tel Aviv.

Bloomberg highlights the current sensitivity surrounding the potential escalation at the northern front of occupied Palestine with Lebanon at any moment.

The American news agency also references Shaul Goldstein, head of an energy infrastructure management company in the Zionist regime, who commented, "The country is not ready for a full-scale war (with Hezbollah)."

However, the company later issued a statement retracting these remarks, clarifying that they do not represent the CEO's views on the regional situation.