Monday 24 June 2024 - 21:40

UN Condemns Israel's ‘Lawless Behavior' in Gaza, West Bank

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UN Condemns Israel
The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) issued a statement on Sunday decrying Israeli operations in the Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank.

The statement criticized a recent Israeli raid on the al-Shati refugee camp in northern Gaza, which resulted in at least 24 Palestinian deaths.

The OHCHR stated, "Such attacks appear to be disproportionate in that they would be expected to cause incidental loss of civilian life, injury to civilians, and damage to civilian objects excessive in relation to the concrete and direct military advantage anticipated."

Since October 7, nearly 37,600 Palestinians, primarily women and children, have been killed, and over 86,000 injured in the Israeli war, following a retaliatory operation by Gaza's resistance groups.

The UN office also highlighted an incident in Jenin, in the northern West Bank, where Israeli forces tied an injured Palestinian man to the hood of an armored vehicle, using him as a human shield.

The OHCHR condemned the "continued and flagrant violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law binding on Israel as the occupying power."

"Such actions constitute serious violations of Israel’s obligations under occupation law concerning protected persons and under international human rights law concerning individual rights to life and health, the absolute prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment," the office added.

The UN's condemnation follows a statement from the European Union, which warned that the crisis in Gaza had reached "another breaking point."

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell and Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarčič stated on Sunday, "The delivery of any meaningful humanitarian assistance inside Gaza has become almost impossible and the very fabric of civil society is unraveling."

"Starving civilians are resorting to desperate measures to access the limited aid that trickles in," they added.

The Israeli regime has been enforcing a near-total siege on Gaza, drastically reducing the flow of food, medicine, electricity, and water into the territory.