Monday 24 June 2024 - 22:03

Catholic University of Venezuela Commends Leader's Letter to US University Students

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Catholic University of Venezuela Commends Leader
Amin Ansari, the Secretary-General of The Youth Organization of Human Rights of the Islamic Republic of Iran, while attending "Andres Bello" Catholic University of Venezuela, met and talked with Arturo Peraza, the president of the university.

In this meeting, the Secretary General of the Iranian Human Rights Youth Organization said that Iran's civilization is one of the three glorious civilizations with human history, which has been a pioneer in many fields, including science and technology, and has provided valuable services for the progress of humanity.

Ansari further stressed that the meeting of presidents of Iranian and Venezuelan universities is a good opportunity for bilateral scientific cooperation between Iran and Venezuela.

The Secretary-General of Iran's Human Rights Youth Organization also pointed to the awakening of the students and said that the continuation of the Zionist regime's crimes against the oppressed people of Gaza and Palestine caused American academics to protest and start a movement against the government.

Amin Ansari added: " At this point, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution's letter to American students shows that the Resistance Front is right and that the students' support for the Palestinian resistance is in a way similar to the Resistance Front."

The Secretary-General of Iran's Human Rights Youth Organization added the Gaza tragedy showed that the nature and innermost of Western civilization is Zionist, and the miracle of Gaza revealed this fact.

He stated that the waves of protest against these Zionist tendencies in the West and the association with Gaza and the axis of resistance proved and revealed that just as there is an Israel in the West Asian region, there is also an Israel and the Zionist system in the West.

While thanking Amin Ansari for the presence of Amin Ansari in this Catholic University, Arturo Pe Rasa, President of Andres Bello Catholic University of Venezuela, said, "I consider the meeting of Iranian and Venezuelan universities to be important for cultural and scientific exchange because it helps development and progress."

Arturo Peraza " congratulated Iran for being recognized as the initiator of the university tradition in the world and said that Iran has the greatest civilization and culture in the world and this is an honor for us.

He also pointed to the Palestinian issue and said that we share your concern for Palestine and any action that leads to discrimination and oppression must be eliminated.

The President of the Catholic University, Andres Bello, said, "I am proud to distribute the letter of Ayatollah Khamenei among university professors and students, and I will take the necessary measures to publish the letter at the meeting of presidents of Venezuelan universities."

" Arturo Peraza added, "I will personally include paragraphs of this letter in the final statement of the meeting of presidents of universities in Venezuela."