Friday 5 July 2024 - 11:48

New US, UK Aggression on Western Yemen

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New US, UK Aggression on Western Yemen
Reports mentioned that assaults occurred in the Alluheyah District and al-Haj area of Bayt al-Faqih District in Hodeidah on Thursday.

In parallel, the aircrafts struck Bahis area in Midi District of al-Hajjah, near al- Hodeidah twice.

The extent of potential human or material losses due to the strikes remains unknown.

The US and UK have been conducting occasional attacks on Yemen to compel the Arab Peninsula nation to cease its operations against “Israeli” or “Israeli”-affiliated targets.

Operations started post-October 7 in response to the continuous “Israeli” genocidal war on Gaza.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni Forces, in a joint effort with the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, have repeatedly targeted “Israeli” ships and occupied Palestinian ports, as well as vital targets in those territories, including Haifa and “Ashdod” [Asdod].

The Armed Forces vowed that as long as the “Israeli” entity’s brutal assault and its tight siege persists in Gaza, they will continue their operations against all “Israeli” targets.