Saturday 6 July 2024 - 02:44

Iraqi Leader Warns Zionist Regime Against Attacking Lebanon

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Iraqi Leader Warns Zionist Regime Against Attacking Lebanon
Speaking in Baghdad on the occasion of the beginning of the month of Muharram, Hakim emphasized that no one can threaten the security of Iraq or the unity of its nation. "We will not allow Iraq to become a base for conflicts and political disputes again," he said.

The Iraqi cleric further stressed that those who dare to threaten Iraq's security will face unwavering men who are unafraid of death.

 "Iraq has chosen the path of peace and stability, and we will not turn our country into a place to threaten others," Hakim declared, vowing to protect the sovereignty and interests of the Iraqi nation at all costs.Hakim's remarks come amid concerns over the Zionist regime's potential aggression towards Lebanon, a close neighbor of Iraq. The Iraqi leader condemned the Zionist regime's disregard for international and humanitarian laws, stating that the "danger of the Zionist regime to the Arab and Muslim nations still exists."

Referring to economic and social issues, Iraq's national wisdom movement leader mentioned that halting torch gas wastage in oil fields is crucial. Experts must expedite gas field exploration for electricity production as Iraq requires significantly more electricity than current output.

Emphasizing the renewed support of Mohammed Shia Al Sudani's government, Hakim highlighted the great opportunities for the reunification of the Arab nation and Islam, calling for unity in the pursuit of common interests in the economy, energy, technological advancement, and knowledge.

The Iraqi leader's strong words serve as a clear message to the Zionist regime, warning against any attempts to destabilize the region and undermine Iraq's security. As the tensions in the Middle East continue to simmer, Hakim's statement underscores Iraq's determination to safeguard its sovereignty and stand in solidarity with its Arab and Muslim neighbors.