Sunday 7 July 2024 - 02:08

Two-thirds of “Israelis” Back Captives Deal over Continuing War in Gaza

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Two-thirds of “Israelis” Back Captives Deal over Continuing War in Gaza
Asked what is most important at this time, 67 percent of the public said returning the captives, compared to 26% who said continuing the war in Gaza, and 7% who said they didn’t know.

Responding to the question of why they think the war hasn’t ended yet, 54% said it was because of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political considerations, 34% said it was due to substantive and operational considerations and 12% weren’t sure.

Sixty-eight percent of respondents said “Israel” is far from the “total victory” pledged by Netanyahu, compared to 23% who said Israel is close and 9% who were unsure.

More than two-thirds [68%] of respondents said Netanyahu’s performance was not good, as opposed to only 28% who said it was. Four percent said they didn’t know.

With the entity’s leaders’ approval ratings low and constant protests calling for new elections, respondents were asked when elections should be held. Forty-three percent said as soon as possible, 29% said when the war is over, 23% said when the current coalition’s term expires in October 2026 and 5% said they were unsure.

Asked who is most suited to serve as premier, Netanyahu or opposition chair Yair Lapid, 31% of respondents said Netanyahu, compared to 30% who said Lapid. A further 35% said neither and 4% were unsure.

When the decision was between Benny Gantz and Netanyahu, 35% said Gantz and 29% said Netanyahu. An additional 31% said neither of them and 5% said they were unsure.