Sunday 7 July 2024 - 02:54

A Terrorist Team Detained in Southeast Iran

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A Terrorist Team Detained in Southeast Iran
The members of the arrested terrorist team who were linked to foreign country sought to detonate in various parts of the province were arrested before they succeeded in carrying out their plot, head of the Election Headquarters in Sistan and Baluchestan Reza Sharifi said.

The night before the presidential elections, members of a terrorist team of eight people were arrested by the security and intelligence forces of the province and shipments of weapons and explosives were confiscated from them, Sharifi noted.

At the initiative taken by the intelligence and police forces of the province, Iran’s 14th presidential election runoff was held in a completely safe and secure atmosphere in this southern province, he underlined.

He, who is the deputy governor-general of this province for social and security affairs, added that the members of the arrested terrorist team were getting ready to detonate the explosive devices in different parts of this province before they were apprehended with the vigilance and swift action of the security and intelligence forces.