Monday 8 July 2024 - 02:33

Marianne Williamson Presses Biden to Withdraw: ‘We Need to Recalibrate Quickly’

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Marianne Williamson Presses Biden to Withdraw: ‘We Need to Recalibrate Quickly’
Williamson joined Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto on Saturday to discuss her reasoning for why the president should step aside even if he already won primaries across the country and earned delegates, The Hill reported.

“He did get those delegates but the people who voted for him voted for him before last Thursday’s debate,” Williamson said. “This is an emergency for the Democratic Party and we need to handle this and we need to handle it quickly.”

In a series of posts on social media platform X, Williamson said Democrats need to “recalibrate quickly” because the American people need to know their government can handle an emergency.

“We need a mini primary – not a decision made by party elites but by the delegates themselves,” she posted. “We need a truly democratic process and an open convention.”

Williamson, the onetime spiritual adviser to Oprah Winfrey, launched a long-shot presidential campaign in March 2023, and ended her bid in February. Just weeks later, she said she was “unsuspending” her campaign but ended the second run last month after the primaries concluded.

Now, after Biden’s poor debate performance, the progressive Democrat threw her hat into the ring for the third time.

Earlier this week, Williamson declared she would replace Biden because “the time is now” for a new Democratic candidate.

She told Cavuto that she calls on Biden to step aside with “respect and compassion.” The president has insisted he will stay the course despite growing calls from his base and fellow Democratic lawmakers.

Williamson argued that the Democratic Party needs to be having these conversations to counter the “hotbed of grievances” offered by former president Donald Trump.

“We need to be having a conversation … over the next two months that we should have been having over the last year and a half,” she said.