Tuesday 9 July 2024 - 06:00

Intensified Israeli Military Operations Lead to Mass Displacement in Gaza

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Intensified Israeli Military Operations Lead to Mass Displacement in Gaza
Richard Sewell, dean of St George’s College in Al-Quds, reported that al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza was struck by two missiles overnight, prompting a full evacuation order. "Today the complete evacuation of the hospital has been ordered," Sewell stated. "Full information yet to be received. Deeply distressing."

Amid escalating tensions, the Israeli military has expanded operations across Gaza City, forcing thousands of Palestinian patients to flee.

Al Jazeera reported that at least four Palestinians were killed in an Israeli raid on the Shujayea neighborhood. In Rafah city, 11 people were injured by Israeli artillery shelling in the Khirbet al-Adas area.

Reports also indicated that Israeli shelling in the Sabra neighborhood resulted in two deaths and multiple injuries, according to Palestinian media.

The Israeli army claimed that a military strike at the UNRWA headquarters in Gaza City targeted the so-called Hamas facilities.

Earlier, civilians found themselves trapped as Israeli forces attacked the Tal al-Hawa neighborhood, subjecting the area to intense bombardment. At least ten Palestinians, including women and children, were killed in Jabalia after an Israeli air raid destroyed a residential home. Rescue efforts continue as civil defense teams search for missing individuals under rubble.

Al Jazeera Arabic reported additional casualties from separate Israeli artillery attacks on Gaza City. The first attack in the al-Rayes neighborhood claimed two lives and injured five, while the second near the Tayaran junction resulted in one death and seven injuries.

In a separate incident, Wafa reported casualties from Israeli forces' attacks in eastern Gaza City neighborhoods. Palestinian media also documented Israeli airstrikes targeting the Florya Commercial Complex and the vicinity of the Bank of Palestine in ar-Remal neighborhood, west of Gaza City.

Journalist Abdalqader Sabbah posted a video on Instagram showing families fleeing Israeli military advances in the Tal al-Hawa area. Reports indicate ongoing bombardment near universities and industry areas, exacerbating civilian hardships in Gaza City.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza reported that at least 75 people were injured in the recent wave of Israeli attacks, bringing the total number of those injured since October to 87,903. The death toll rose to 38,193, including over 15,983 children and 10,637 women, highlighting the toll on civilians amid the ongoing Israeli genocidal war.