Tuesday 9 July 2024 - 06:53

Lebanon's MP: Hezbollah’s Damage to Israel Cannot be Mended 'for Decades'

Story Code : 1146639
“As a result of these attacks, we have dealt major blows to the Zionist enemy, which it cannot recover from within the next few decades,” Mohammad Raad, head of Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc – the political wing of Hezbollah – in the Lebanese parliament, said on Sunday.

“The Israeli society is collapsing, and we are seeing the last stages of a purported unified society,” Raad stated.

He added that Hezbollah’s operations are aimed at protecting Lebanon’s national dignity and territorial integrity, and that the group’s attempts in the path of confronting the Israeli regime are not in vain.

Raad stressed that the Lebanese resistance movement did not enter the struggle for futile interests and purposes.

Hezbollah’s anti-Israeli strikes will make Lebanon immune to Israel’s aggression and will deter the usurping regime from entertaining the notion of mounting a military offensive on the Arab country, he argued.

“We will identify the Zionist regime’s pressure levers and strike them in order to weaken the enemy and thwart its expansionist objectives. Even though such confrontation requires great patience and persistence as well as hefty costs, it is worth it as the enemy’s aggression leads to massive destruction and brutal occupation of the country,” Raad emphasized.