Wednesday 10 July 2024 - 02:35

Palestinian Fighters Set Israeli Army Vehicles on Fire in Tulkarem

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Palestinian Fighters Set Israeli Army Vehicles on Fire in Tulkarem
“Our Mujahideen were able to detonate a pre-prepared explosive device on a Zionist military bulldozer, and it was directly hit in the Manshiya axis (in Nour Shams refugee camp),” the Tulkarem Brigade of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) movement’s Quds Brigades stated on Tuesday morning.

The Tulkarem Brigade reported earlier on Tuesday that its engineering unit “detonated a high-explosive device targeting the Zionist enemy’s vehicles storming the camp in the Manshiya axis.”

In a previous statement, the group mentioned its fighters were engaged in intense battles with Israeli troops in Tulkarem, confronting them with gunfire and explosives.

“We confirm that the enemy failed to confront our Mujahideen, so they resorted to punishing our people by destroying infrastructure and civilian facilities,” the statement added.

The Tulkarem Brigade confirmed it achieved “direct hits among the ranks of enemy forces.”

The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades stated on July 9 that its fighters were also involved in the clashes, targeting troops with gunfire and explosives.

Footage on social media shows plumes of smoke from the resistance’s explosive attacks on Tuesday morning and overnight on Monday.

The fighting has been non-stop since the Israelis stormed Tulkarem early on July 9, laying waste to infrastructure across the city and its camps, imposing a curfew, and besieging hospitals to prevent injured Palestinians from receiving medical attention.

“Occupation forces imposed a siege on Tulkarem camp, reinforcing patrols at its entrances, specifically the north, east, and south,” WAFA news agency reported. Thabet Thabet Governmental Hospital and the Al-Israa Specialized Hospital were completely surrounded by Israeli troops.

Military vehicles were deployed to all entrances of the city. Israeli forces then pushed into Nour Shams camp as army bulldozers destroyed public property. Internet connections across the city were significantly disrupted throughout the raid.

According to WAFA, several journalists were arrested while covering the Israeli military raid.

The occupied West Bank has seen a surge in Israeli violence since the outbreak of the war in Gaza on October 7.

Jenin, Nablus, and Tulkarem have been targeted by many violent raids since the start of this month.

At least eleven resistance fighters have been assassinated by Israel in Jenin and Tulkarem since the start of July.

Israeli drone strikes on the occupied West Bank have become increasingly common. Prior to a massive operation in Jenin last year, the West Bank had not been targeted by airstrikes since the Second Intifada.