Wednesday 10 July 2024 - 10:25

Biden Aims to Serve in the White House until 2029

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Biden Aims to Serve in the White House until 2029
After a much-mocked performance in the TV debate, Biden faced pressure from media outlets, prominent Democrats, and major party donors to withdraw but remains determined to defeat Trump.

Biden is firmly committed to winning a second term, while major Democrats' donors are discussing ways for him to drop out, with Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman urging him to give way to Kamala Harris.

Politico published a poll that predicted Biden would lose the election to Trump, with a Hillary Clinton – Kamala Harris union potentially winning. Clinton blames FBI and Russia for 2016 loss against Trump.

Investigative journalist Alex Berenson discovered that a Parkinson's Disease specialist has visited the White House at least eight times since January, using visitor logs as evidence.

Trump believes Biden may stay in the race despite party pressure, citing his ego and unwillingness to quit, which may not be a positive outcome for the country.

Biden, who served two terms as Obama's vice president, was chosen by Democrats in 2020 to challenge Trump, with Biden agreeing to make Harris his running mate.

In December 2019, Politico reported that Biden's second run at the age of 82 was "virtually inconceivable", while a prominent party strategist deemed it "a bit crazy" for him to run again.