Wednesday 10 July 2024 - 10:26

France: Macron Rejects PM’s Resignation after Lackluster Election

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France: Macron Rejects PM’s Resignation after Lackluster Election
Attal said he would tender his resignation after the far-left New Popular Front won the most votes, with Renaissance coming in second. The far-right National Rally earned the third most votes.

The New Popular Front, an alliance of several left parties, declared victory on Sunday, although it was unable to secure an outright majority. The far-right National Rally under Marine Le Pen also declared victory, despite underperforming after polls showed her party in the lead.

It is possible that Attal will be able to siphon smaller parties from both extremes or unite with either side, making significant concessions.

The New Popular Front said that it would recognize the state of Palestine as leaders in the new National Assembly, as well as stop arms sales to “Israel” and cut ties with Netanyahu’s government.

Macron called snap elections last month after right-wing parties won European Union elections. Despite Macron's bid, considering most eligible French voters do not vote in the EU elections, the gains made by both the National Rally and New Popular Front mean that the French government risks "cohabitation," when the French presidency and legislature adopt different agendas and policies.