Thursday 11 July 2024 - 02:14

Israeli Military Tells All Gaza City Residents to Evacuate

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Israeli Military Tells All Gaza City Residents to Evacuate
The Israeli regime army dropped leaflets issuing urgent evacuation orders for all residents in besieged Gaza City on Wednesday as battles with Palestinian resistance groups continued. 

Arab media have reported that Palestinians said they have nowhere safe to go with the south also facing attacks and reports of overcrowding and unsanitary living conditions with the majority of the population now sheltering in tents.

Bombings were reported in central, south and north Gaza, as officials meet in Qatar to hammer out a ceasefire deal.

At least six people were killed in attacks in Nuseirat and southern Gaza in the early morning including four children from the al-Mabhouh family in Nuseirat refugee camp, according to Arab media reports.

A school near Khan Younis was hit by a major strike on Tuesday, killing some 29 people who were sheltering there, in one of the worst casualties of the conflict. A source at the nearby Nasser hospital told AFP that they received victims, including 29 dead and dozens wounded.