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Constructive Dialogue for Regional Cooperation Sole Way to Meet Challenges: Pezeshkian

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Constructive Dialogue for Regional Cooperation Sole Way to Meet Challenges: Pezeshkian
Masoud Pezeshkian made the comments in an op-ed article, titled “Together, for a Strong and Prosperous Region,” which was published in the London-based Al-Araby Al-Jadeed newspaper on Wednesday.

“I am willing to address my brothers and sisters and neighbors in the region so we can take steps together down the path of constructive dialog and enhancement of cooperation and solidarity among the regional nations and governments,” he wrote, Press TV reported.

Pezeshkian called on all regional countries to work towards “laying the foundation of the structure of a strong region” by relaying on “the power of logic instead of the logic of power” among other things.

He described the sole means of successful transition through existing challenges as in-depth, constructive, and goal-oriented dialog with the aim of contributing to regional integrity and cooperation.

“I extend a hand of friendship and brotherhood towards all the regional neighbors and countries towards realization of this goal,” the president-elect wrote.

Pezeshkian underlined that Iran and its Arab and Muslim neighbors were of the same opinion and shared common interests concerning many regional and international issues.

He named some of the common standpoints as the countries’ opposition to “a few countries’ monopoly over international decision-making (processes)” as well as “division of the world and (its) polarization based on the interests of great powers.”

“Treatment of the old wound (that manifests itself in the form) of occupation of Palestine is an issue that is faced by all of us,” Pezeshkian added.

The Islamic Republic is of the opinion that realization of regional peace and security is conditioned on recognition of the Palestinian nation’s “natural and obvious” rights such as the right to all-out resistance against occupation, independence, and self-determination, he stated.

In the same context, Pezeshkian laid emphasis on the need for putting an end to “the occupation, apartheid, mass killings, and state terrorism that is being exercised by the occupying Zionist region.”

He also considered Tel Aviv’s nuclear arsenal to be a source of threat to the region as well as international peace and security. “Steps should be taken with the help of the countries of the region and the world towards (realization) of a Middle East region free of weapons of mass destruction.”

The president-elect concluded his remarks by asserting that the Islamic Republic “considers its neighbors’ power to be its own power,” warning that perpetuation of intra-regional crises and disagreements only served to benefit the occupying regime and foreign powers.