Saturday 3 December 2011 - 06:22

Mauritanian parties support the freedom of the Gulf from tyranny

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Mauritanian parties support the freedom of the Gulf from tyranny
They issued a statement from Nouakchott:

Fellow citizens, every Arab citizen must remain faithful to his nation and its crucial causes that outline its destiny. Syria represents the history of civilization and culture and it has always stood by its neighboring countries for support.

Syria has embraced the Palestinian cause, the various resistance movements whether in Palestine, Lebanon or Iraq.

Today, arrows of treachery and treason are pointed at the benevolent country in an attempt to neutralize its role against the imperialist Zionist colonial project that few Arabs lead shamelessly.

Surely, Arabism would not be possible without Syria. Let me ask you this.

Where were these proclaimed Arabs when the Jenin refugee camp was destroyed?

Where was their university when Lebanon was invaded in 1982? The great occupation of Iraq in 2003, the Lebanese was in 2006, the massacre of Sabra and Shatila, the expansion of Jerusalem as a Zionist entity?

Instead, The Arab League justifies invasions and segregation in the lands of their sisterly countries, approve Henri Bernard Levy’s draft and NATO, which consent to the liquidation of Arab leaders barbarously and now support the Zionist-Western conspiracy on Syria to eliminate its historical resistant role!

America has always arranged the vandalization of the Arab renaissance. Today, as a supportive movement standing by Syria, we declare:

Our  condemnation to the insolence of the Arab University for overstepping the values  and aspirations of its nation.

We call on you to be aware of the abusive collaborations that are threatening the present and the future of our nation.

We stand with the Syrian people in the face of this criminal conspiracy in an attempt to free the gulf from western dominance and retrieve our natural sources and revive the Arab renaissance.

The Democratic Unionist Party
 The Socialist Party
 The Popular Front movement
The Welfare Party
The Social Democratic Party
The Reform Party

Nouakchott on 30/11/2011