Sunday 25 December 2011 - 07:29

Qatari Prime Minister: The Saudi regime will inevitably fall by our hands

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Qatari Prime Minister: The Saudi regime will inevitably fall by our hands
He added: “The Saudi regime will inevitably fall at the hands of Qatar and Qatar will one day enter Al-Qatif and Al-Sharqiya and divide Saudi Arabia. The regime is a pyramid and King Abdullah is weak and is just a front and the Saudi army has no hope of making a change.”

He continued saying that America and Britain asked him for a report on the situation in Saudi Arabia and expressed their intent to dismantle and overthrow the regime, however they fear the rule of unwanted Islamists. Hence Qatar is working on taking privileges away from Saudi Arabia and moving U.S. bases into Qatar in order to establish dominance over the Arab region.

The other Hamad bin Jasem said in a conversation with Gaddafi that Qatar is working on assaulting Saudi Arabia economically and politically and that there is an imminent public uprising.

These conversations were listened to by Libyan officials before being given to Saudi Arabia. They caused conflicts amongst the Libyan militias and led to some officials stating their animosity towards Qatar.

They are also linked to the Iranian Security Minister’s visit to Saudi Arabia, in which he met with several Saudi officials including the Crown Prince and the Minister of Intelligence and presented them with documentations that proved that the U.S. plans to incite conflict between the two countries and one of the methods used was accusing Iran of the attempted assassination of the Saudi Ambassador in Washington.

Regarding Syria, Qatar has pushed the crises into devastating paths because Qatar knows that the end of the crises will reveal its role in the wicked conspiracy being plotted and which Qatar supported financially to a great degree along with masterminds that placed scenarios to be accepted by the general public.