Monday 5 October 2009 - 06:39

The Zionist Regime bought 2 Nuclear Submarines from Germany

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The Zionist Regime bought 2 Nuclear Submarines from Germany
Dolphin submarines are the most important submarines in the world. They are able to carry nuclear warheads. With the purchase of these two submarines the Zionist regime now owns five nuclear submarines. This step caused a change of strategy in the region without anyone criticizing it. Not long ago Egypt wanted to buy these submarines from Germany but the transaction was nullified because of severe criticism by the Zionist regime.

A question must be asked: Why does Germany oppose selling its submarines to every country in the region, other than the Zionist regime? Experts of the region’s politics believe that Germany sold these submarines to the Zionist regime with the condition that they do not use them against Iran. The Zionist regime wants to prove to other countries in the region that it is the most powerful country of the Middle East. It also wants to send a message to America: lessen your pressure about our settlements.
Source : Islam Times
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