Sunday 11 October 2009 - 07:56

Saudi Arabia training Para-Military Groups to Fight the Shia in Saada

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Saudi Arabia training Para-Military Groups to Fight the Shia in Saada
The Al-Houthi Movement issued a statement announcing: “Saudi Arabia’s internal ministry has recently started arming groups to fight inside Yemen so that they can benefit from the fight against the Shia of Saada. Saudi Arabian officials are encouraging the Wahhabi scholars to establish relationships with Saudi Arabian Al Qaeda elements in order to use them in the war against the Al-Houthi Movement.”

The Al-Houthi’s claim that Saudi Arabia has been establishing ‘Mujahidin Forces’ in order to teach Wahhabi elements how to fight. Then, they will send them to the war against the Shia of Saada.

The statement continued: “Saudi Arabia is trying to train up to 4,000 people. They have even set aside some military bases for them.”

On another note, the Al-Houthi statement said: “Our forces have been able to rid strategic places in the al-Suda’ and al-Akhul areas of Harf Safyan of soldiers. But, one of the main problems for refugees is Saudi Arabian prevention of aid reaching Yemen from its borders.”
Finally, it said: “The Saudi Arabian government has repeatedly not answered requests by international organizations wanted to send aid to the war stricken people of Yemen. They have prevented aid being sent through their borders. The Al-Houthi Movement believes that the Saudi Arabian government is cooperating with Yemen to make the Shia of Yemen extinct by any means possible. But, the resistance has been able to prevent the Saudi Arabian and Yemeni leaders from reaching their goals.”
Source : Islam Times