Wednesday 18 November 2009 - 04:02

Shia of Yemen thank Iran

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Shia of Yemen thank Iran
Yahya Badr al-Din, the speaker of the Al-Houthi Movement, acknowledged Iran’s parliament for condemning Saudi Arabia’s military interference in Saada. 250 members of the parliament signed a statement condemning the murder of Muslims in Yemen.

Part of this statement read: “The murder of oppressed people in Yemen by means of Saudi Arabian jets in the holy months; in the days were all Muslims will be singing the tune of unity and monotheism at hajj, is an action that only benefits the enemies of Islam.”

Hussayn Ibrahimi, a member of the parliament’s committee on foreign affairs, stated in regards to the role that America and the Zionist regime played in the attacks on Yemen: “The Iranian parliament will continue its support of oppressed people; this is a human and Islamic issue.”

He criticized America and England’s support of the attacks against civilians in Saada.
Source : Islam Times