Thursday 19 April 2012 - 05:46

Wikileaks exposes the cooperation of Saudi intelligence with the Mossad

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Wikileaks exposes the cooperation of Saudi intelligence with the Mossad
The two newspapers “Al-Akhbar” and “Al-Binaa” reported details of the leaked U.S. documents by the intelligence company ‘Stratfor’, highlighting that the relationship between the Israeli Mossad intelligence and Saudi intelligence appeared in a series of leaked e-mails, particularly those leaked on the second of May, 2007.

 “Al-Akhbar” newspaper reported that the leaked documents talked about the discussions between the Vice President of anti terrorism of Stratfor, Fred Burton, and analysts. They discussed the cooperation between Israel and Saudi, noting that the Israeli intelligence officials are interested in establishing private commercial relations with the regime in Saudi Arabia.

The documents also pointed out that Saudi Arabia has relations with both the Israelis and those called “jihadists”, in order to stay on the safe side in case of conflict. It was also revealing that a group of Mossad officers, former and current, are making deals with Saudi Arabia to sell them security equipment, intelligence information, and consulting services, which proves there is a close relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

 “Al-Binaa” newspaper revealed that the U.S. intelligence company “Stratfor” has recruited many people worldwide such as journalists, reporters, and employees of private companies; the company also planted a network of spies around the world in companies, governments, embassies and used cheap methods for recruiting like money, sex and psychological pressure. It was revealed that intelligence and security agencies in U.S. use the work of journalists to cover the activities of its members, in addition to the recruitment of many of these journalists to work to achieve the agencies’ strategic goals in certain areas of the world.

The leaked documents showed that amongst the customers of the intelligence company “Stratfor” are the following: Al-Jazeera, the Ministry of Defence in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi company “Aramco”, Qatar Financial Center, the famous “Blackwater”, University of Virginia in Qatar, “Apple”, “Samsung”, “Sony”, and dozens of banks, embassies and big companies such as “Microsoft”.

The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, promised to publish the private/detailed lives of the spies and show how they lie to the world, as well as reveal Stratfor’s methods used to track down their spies and journalists using bribery and sex scandals to make them do the work.

Julian Assange also explained that Stratfor intelligence buys information from staff in government and then re-sells them to other governments.

The documents revealed that U.S. intelligence pays its spies around the world using Swiss banks and Paid Cards that cannot be traced.