Thursday 3 May 2012 - 08:57

Cancer desease increasing after Israeli war on Gaza

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Cancer desease increasing after Israeli war on Gaza
Although there is no confirmation that the increase of the number of cancer patients is related to the war but it is believed among health experts that weapons used by Israel during its attacks on Gaza could be one of the reasons behind the growing number.

Meanwhile, the shortages of some types of medicines needed for cancer patients add insult to injury. Some of the patients face countless impediments while trying to secure referrals in order to receive advanced medical attention outside the besieged territory.

Cancer is the main cause of death in the blockaded enclave and yet its healthcare system cannot provide adequate treatment for it

Under years of Israeli blockade, the health sector has been badly affected and is suffering from chronic shortages of some types of medicines, surgical equipment and critical drugs, including for chemotherapy.

According to the health ministry in Gaza, cancer is the 3rd fatal disease in Palestine. Experts say the increase of deaths and people diagnosed with this disease has something to do with the use of internationally banned weapons which were used during the Israeli war on Gaza.