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opinion polls oriented to the benefit of the remnants of Hosni Moubarak

Broad public support for the candidate Abu Fotouh in his debate with Amr Moussa

15 May 2012 05:34

Islam Times - Millions of Egyptians followed with great interest, the first debate of its kind in the history of presidential elections in Egypt, between two of the most prominent candidate for the presidency, D. Abdel Moneim Abu Fotouh, considered by the Israeli entity, a threat to his present and future in the event of his victory, and Amr Moussa, considered by his opponents a "remnants” of the regime of former President, Hosni Mubarak, and by Washington and Tel Aviv as an assurance the continuation of their interests in Egypt, in order to ensure the continued survival of the stability of the Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel.

The debate had many points of difference between the candidates, most notably when Abu Fotouh asked whether the Egyptians would support "a former regime," in reference to Moussa who served as foreign minister for more than 10 years, before being elected as Secretary-General for the League of Arab States, for another ten years.

Moussa tried to defend himself by saying that he came out of the State Department 10 years ago, and he ignored his role in the NATO serving University, by providing himself with a cover to conduct military operations in Libya in order to bring down the Mubarak regime, which led to the killing of thousands of Libyans and the destruction of Libya's infrastructure and enable the United States, Britain and France to devote their influence in Libya.

He accused Abu Fotouh of contributing to the establishment of "Islamic Group" of which some members carry weapons and are involved in violence that left hundreds dead from the Egyptians, including children and women.

Growing doubts on opinion polls

There is great sense in Cairo and other Egyptian cities, that the opinion polls carried out by the "Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies" to monitor the popularity of candidates and orientations of the Egyptian public opinion, are not objective, which would lead them to think that the results are being manipulated.

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