Wednesday 20 June 2012 - 04:59

CIA recruits 6000 element of "Black Water" to commit massacres

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CIA recruits 6000 element of "Black Water" to commit massacres
Aslanoghlu said in an article published by Turkish TV (Olossal) that the participation of some of the Turks fighting and dying in Syria on behalf of the United States, and committing crimes against innocent people is unusual behavior by the Turks pointing out that Blackwater U.S.is paying huge sums for its elements to fight in Syria.

He pointed that the Zionists are the ones controlling the U.S. capital, which means that the fight between Syria and Turkey is considered a war in the name of “Zionists and rich Jews.” The Turkish army will carry the same tasks of Blackwater, refusing to change into an army that fights for money but one that preserves its character as an army that fights for freedom and the people.

Aslanoghlu pointed that fighting for your country is acceptable, but dying for money is not understandable and it is the lowest form of human exploitation.

He considered that imperialist countries are looking for people who would sacrifice themselves; he also added that the Justice and Development Party leader is a supporter of the West.