Saturday 28 July 2012 - 05:46

Reporters Without Borders call for the release of activists in UAE

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Reporters Without Borders call for the release of activists in UAE
The organization, which defends the freedom of speech, condemned the arrest of 18 activists, of whom 17 are still detained, during the period of 16 and 19 July.

The organization considered that the authorities should put an end to repeated arrests of activists as it is a flagrant violation of their fundamental freedoms.

According to the statement, the authorities deliberately intended to link any gentle criticism of the regime to risking national security, and that in order to stifle any opposition.

The Human Rights Watch Organization had expressed its regret last week regarding the intensified repression operations that include Islamist activists belonging to the “Reform Association” which is close in its ideology to the Muslim Brotherhood.

On July 15, the UAE announced the arrest of a group of people on grounds of planning to risk national security. Their identities and number was not disclosed.

The Emirates News Agency mentioned that the Attorney General is investigation with a group that founded and managed an organization aiming to commit crimes that risk national security. The group was also accused of being anti-constitutional and contrary to the basic principles of governance in the UAE, in addition to being linked and subordinate to foreign agendas.