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Palestine symbol of faith, struggle and dignity

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Khamenei-Ramadan Abdullah Shallah
Khamenei-Ramadan Abdullah Shallah
The IR Leader compared the present conditions of Palestine and the Zionist regime within the past 30 years and said, "Palestine today is the symbol of faith, living, will, struggle and dignity.
The Palestinian nation has proved that it is very stronger spiritually than the Zionist occupiers so that the Israeli army with military superiority could not overcome the Palestinian nation's faith and will and was defeated.
Ayatollah Khamenei termed the Zionist regime's inability to dominate Gaza as something like a miracle adding that the regime, though enjoying all material and political supports, could not break down the Palestinian nation's resistance after nearly two years of siege.
The IR Leader added that the divine will has ordained that cruelty will be finished in the region and the arrogance would be defeated.
Pointing to the Zionist regime's unprecedented barbarism and brutality, Ayatollah Khamenei said that the occupying regime has been the symbol of all cruelties and heinousness within the past 60 years.
Ayatollah Khamenei described the resistance of Palestinians against all pressures as marvelous and said hope of the Palestinian people rooted in their faith is the main cause of their victory.
Being hopeful to victory and resistance should be considered constantly in all Palestinian political scenes, the IR Leader added.
Appreciating the role of Islamic Jihad Movement in the scene of Palestine's Jihad and politics, the IR Leader said, "I'm optimistic about Palestine's future and believe that Israel is on the precipice of decline. God willing, its disappearance will be certain."
Referring to the current process that force of truth is coming to power and force of falsehood is weakening, Ayatollah Khamenei said, "There is no doubt that the end of the route is the release of Palestine from the claws of the Zionists and its return into the Palestinians."
Talking about the aid of some Arab governments to the Zionist enemy, the IR Leader said, "Surely such efforts are fleeting and Muslim nations will always give their support to the Palestinian cause."
"We defend Palestine based on our beliefs and stand by it," Ayatollah Khamenei reaffirmed, adding, "we believe that the Almighty Allah will defend those who are faithful."
Islamic Jihad Secretary-General Ramadan Abdullah Shallah, for his part, congratulated the 31st anniversary of Islamic Revolution victory and said the Islamic Revolution of Iran is a unique revolution which could not be compared with any other one.
"Islamic resistance groups will continue their Jihadi and political activities until the eventual victory is reached," he added.
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