Wednesday 7 November 2012 - 06:55

Al-Wefaq Secretary General, “self-defense is an inherent right.”

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Al-Wefaq Secretary General, “self-defense is an inherent right.”
Sheikh Ali Salman said in an interview with the Mayadeen Lebanese channel "our hands and our hearts are open for national dialogue;" adding "the crisis is volatile."

In regards to the presence of the Saudi military on Bahrain soil, Sheikh Salman noted “Although Saudi Arabia is the axis of all Gulf countries we reject its troop presence in our country.” He went on explaining that such military intervention in Bahrain was a breach of the charters of the Gulf Cooperation Council.
Sheikh Ali Salman denied reports claiming a Saudi-brokered settlement in Bahrain, stressing “al-Wefaq hopes that Saudi Arabia will contribute to finding a solution to the crisis by withdrawing its troops from the country."

Responding to a question on Israel, the U.S. and a potential military strike against Iran he replied “We are working to keep the region away from a war scenario," adding, "The presence of the U.S. Fifth Fleet in Bahrain came under a formal agreement and we are committed to this agreement."

No Gulf Union before reforms

“On the subject of the Gulf Union,” said Sheikh Ali Salman, “we clearly exposed our position toward the Gulf of Union; it is a dual union between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia without reference to the will of the people." He explained his association, al-Wefaq, would oppose any union without the implementation of political and social reforms in all Gulf regimes, directly referring to Kuwait.

I support the people of Syria the same way I support the people of Bahrain

About the position of al-Wefaq on the Syrian crisis, Sheikh Ali Salman explained he supports the demands of the people of Syria the way he is supporting the demands of the people of Bahrain, stressing "our position is that all people are the source of authority."
"My hope is for the Syrian people, and all people to be free.”

Change from Riyadh is possible

In relation to the notion that a solution in Bahrain could be replicated throughout the region, Salman said "it is possible that what is happening in the Gulf right now will makes its way to Riyadh. People in the region seek change on all levels.”

 Dialogue and fatwa of Qassem is correct

Sheikh Ali Salman warned any delay in dialogue will harm Bahrain and prevent a swift resolution as the current crisis and possibly leave room from radical groups to emerge. He went on accusing the regime of trying to tarnish the opposition movement in a bid to discredit its motives in the eye of the international community and prevent its success.

He strongly condemned violence, in all its forms, explaining that because of violence Bahrainis were now living in fear, hostage of a regime they had come to abhor.

Salman defended Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Qassem’s fatwa on calling for the crushing of the Security Forces noting that self-defense was an inherent right in Islam and that the fatwas is merely a reflection of that right.

"I will defend myself and my family to death if it is exposed to any aggression."