Wednesday 9 January 2013 - 05:27

America takes revenge on Pakistan, says professor Ibrahim

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America takes revenge on Pakistan, says professor Ibrahim
Talking to Islam Times, he noted a large number of American agents -- CIA and Black Water operatives -- are involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan.

The head of Jamaat-e-Islami in Khyber Pakhtonkhwa province argued that America’s friendship is more dangerous than its enmity, adding that the presence of  U.S troops in the region is the root cause of all Pakistan’s problems.

He called on the government of Pakistan to leave the U.S-led alliance against so-called terrorism.

Ibrahim warned, “The presence of U.S troops in the region led to instability in the region and saw the rise of many armed militias as a result … regional peace will not be attain as long as long American soldiers are on Afghani soil.”

He condemned t U.S drone attacks in tribal areas and said innocent people were being killed while the government dared not stand for his people by fear of upsetting their powerful American friend.

In regards to the assassination of Mullah Nazir – the man was killed in a U.S-led drone strike in South Waziristan - Professor Ibrahim explained, “Americans target militants opposing foreign presence in the region and Mullah Nazir was one of the commanders who had opposed U.S interference in Afghanistan. Hits are politically motivated for the most part and aim to silence the opposition, not terrorism.”

He added, “Mullah Nazir was also against terror in Pakistan.”
 The JI leader further said, “America is facing defeat in Afghanistan and it seeks to assert its revenge on Pakistan.”