Saturday 27 April 2013 - 08:42

Russian deputy FM in Beirut for talks on regional situation

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Russian deputy FM in Beirut for talks on regional situation
The aim of his trip, as he said at the airport is to acquire a closer understanding of the Lebanese viewpoints. He handed over a letter of support to President Michel Suleiman from his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.
The major idea expressed by the Russian envoy was a call for stability in Lebanon.
Bogdanov discussed with the Lebanese officials some internal issues related to the cabinet formation and upcoming elections, but the most significant topic was the talk on regional matters:
In a meeting with the head of the Phalange party, Amin Gemayel, discussions focused on working towards collective efforts in confronting the repercussions of the influx of Syrian refugees into Lebanon.
Bogdanov also met with Hezbollah MPs where he said he respected the role and views of Hezbollah which made many sacrifices for Lebanon.
Experts see Russia as a growing major power which can present itself as a moderate alternative to the historically biased Foreign policy of the United States:
All Lebanese sides have warned of the impact of the Syrian conflict on Lebanon. Lately, insurgents in Syria shelled Lebanese villages near the border with Syria, while the Syrian Army exchanged fire with militants launching cross-border operations from Lebanon.
The Russian deputy foreign minister's visit to Beirut comes in light of the rising threats caused by the insurgency in Syria. With the latest cross-border violations of the Lebanese territories by the foreign-backed militants, Russia has stressed the role of unity among Lebanese officials to maintain stability in the country.