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At least 13 killed in violence on Eid-day in Pakistan

11 Aug 2013 06:26

Islam Times - At least 13 people have been killed in different terrorist incidents across Pakistan on Friday, the second day of Eid Al-Fitr.

According to media reports, around 10 worshipers were killed and many others injured when a mosque targeted during Eid’s prayers in Quetta on Friday.

The shooting came a day after a suicide bomber targeted a police funeral which killed 38 people, mostly police officers, in the same city.

“Four gunmen opened fire as people were coming out of the mosque “Jamia Faroqia’’ after saying Eid prayers,” Police officials confirmed.

Police added, a former Pakistan People's Party (PPP) provincial minister, Ali Madad Jattak, was also in the mosque and could have been the target. He however escaped unscathed although bullets hit his car.
Another report said that despite ‘heavy deployment’ of security personnel for Eid, a suicide bomber successfully entered a mosque in Islamabad but failed to explode as he gunned down by the guards of the mosque.

The report added that the suspect entered the Jamia Mosque Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib at Bahara-Kaho area of capital city while prayers were in progress.

The attacker shot three security guards -- a first one in the abdomen; a second one while the latter was trying to stop his advances and a third positioned at the mosque's entry -- 
The Bomb Disposal Squad of police managed to successfully defuse the bomber's jacket as he laid lifeless on the ground.
Police found at least 500 grams of explosives and ball in the suicide jacket.
Report from Kurram Agency noted that at least two people were killed and many injured in a bomb attack on a car in Upper Kurram Agency near Afghan border.

The reported added that the bomb was detonated by a remote control device.

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