Wednesday 26 November 2014 - 05:32

Radicals are working to protect the Zionist entity

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Radicals are working to protect the Zionist entity
Sobhani called on the Muslim Ummah to protect the holy site of Al Aqsa against Zionist aggression, stressing that it was Islam which Zionists sought to destroy by targeting some of its holiest sites.

Speaking in Qom, the esteemed cleric emphasize that nothing about takfirism bore a resemblance to Islam. He stressed that whatever claims groups such as Daash had made to the media, they did not belong to Islam.

“Those groups have no relation to Islam. They do not understand Islam, and they do not know what Islam actually stands for.” 

He urged all religious authorities to work towards the “excommunication” of takfiri groups in view of neutralizing their pull within the Islamic community and prevent further young minds to fall prey to their insidious ideas.

The ayatollah also called on all Muslims to stand united before the evil of takfirism, the real enemy of Islam.