Saturday 6 December 2014 - 10:42

China's warships more than US by 2020

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The Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning
The Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning
The number of China’s military vessels would reach about 351 within six years, The Washington Post reported.
The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission gave the annual report to Congress.
 The US Navy now has 289 deployable battle force ships.
The commission also demanded Congress to increase its Pacific fleet up to 67 ships.
According to the commission, Chinese military spending is $131 billion this year, almost 12.2 percent greater than last year.
The US Navy is concerned about China’s military plans.
Last year, the US Department of Defense said in a report to Congress that China will “likely build multiple aircraft carriers over the next decade. The first Chinese-built carrier will likely be operational sometime in the second half of this decade.”
The US military has for several years expressed concern that Washington might be losing its military superiority in areas such as fighter jets, missile systems and cyber warfare in the coming years.
China is also concerned about US militarism in the Asia-Pacific region.
Beijing is considering the Pentagon’s focus to “pivot” increased US military presence in the Pacific as a strategy to counter China’s increasing global influence.