Thursday 10 February 2011 - 20:49
Islam Times Exclusive:

Aljazeera lied to cover King Abdullah's death

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Aljazeera lied to cover King Abdullah
Islam Times: After exclusively reporting on King Abdullah's death by Islam Times from an anonymous inside source, Aljazeera immediately posted on their news site details of a conversation between President Obama and King Abdullah yesterday, February 10, 2011.

According to Aljazeera’s coverage of the same conversation that really occurred and was posted on their news website in Arabic on January 29, 2011, King Abdullah pressured the Obama administration from holding back insults on President Mubarak because he has been a committed friend and ally to the U.S, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

King Abdullah reminded President Obama how dangerous these revolutions can be - comparing Egypt’s revolution to Iran’s and the Palestinian uprising - saying that these uprisings compromise good Middle Eastern relations with Israel and the US.

But Aljazeera’s report of this conversation was also posted on their website 11 days ago, while also reporting on the same conversation again today, reporting that it happened today.

It is unclear why Aljazeera would report this conversation again although it does appear to cover up King Abdullah’s death – a report that came exclusively to Islam Times from an anonymous source that was asked not to be named.
According to our anonymous source, the family is hiding the King’s death due to the political sensitivity amongst the royal family.

You can see Aljazeera news report here: