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Aleppo to be liberated in weeks

7 Dec 2016 06:17

Islam Times - Syrian army helicopters dropped leaflets on eastern Aleppo urging terrorists to surrender while they can as the military expects to retake the entire city within weeks.

A military source said: "The Syrian Arab Army will continue to implement its missions until the elimination of the terrorists and the recovery of control over all the eastern districts."

Meanwhile, the Syrian military announced that a large number of terrorists have been killed during operations which secured more than 70% of previously held Daesh neighborhoods.

Military engineers are engaged in defusing bombs and mines in the streets of the Karm al-Miasar, Karm al-Tahhan, Qadi Askar and the al-Haooz roundabout neighborhoods.

The army noted that forces had also successfully liberated the Eye Hospital in Qadi Askar, used by the terrorists as headquarters for their operations, as well as the eastern neighborhoods of al-Jazmati and al-Halwani were a large amount of equipment was destroyed.

They also launched strikes against two operations bases in the southern province of Dara'a, killing a large number of the terrorists and destroying their armed vehicles. In Idlib province and Hama, another 50 terrorists were killed.

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