Saturday 22 April 2017 - 05:49

Iran’s Defense Chief Rejects US Claims of Sending Arms to Yemen

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Iran’s Defense Chief Rejects US Claims of Sending Arms to Yemen
His remarks came in response to the claims made by the US Defense Secretary during a visit to Saudi Arabia.

The oppressed Yemeni people are resisting Saudi aggression that has enjoyed fully-fledged US support, by relying on their own power and capabilities and have foiled the plans of the invaders.

He added that “today, Takfiri-Wahhabi terrorists are committing crimes in different parts of the world, particularly in Iraq and Syria, with US-made weapons and munitions.” He said the American officials had better review the historical record of US military interventions and war crimes committed in Vietnam, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan and recently in Syria and Yemen, adding that the US leveled accusations against others to get itself out of the quagmire it has been stuck in.

He warned that the US defense chief and other senior US strategists should realize that the era of launching military aggression, accusing others and interfering in other countries' affairs has come to an end. The US needs to avoid playing blame games against other countries should rather address their own domestic problems instead of creating new crises and fanning the flames of war in the Middle East and elsewhere.

The US has so far sold weapons worth billions of dollars to Saudi Arabia and Amnesty International condemned the US and UK for their “shameful” weapons transfers to Saudi Arabia, saying Washington and London were fueling the serious human rights violations and war crimes in Yemen committed by Riyadh.