Thursday 1 June 2017 - 06:22

Pakistani Cmdr. Mulls Leaving Saudi-Led Alliance over US Interference

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General Raheel Sharif
General Raheel Sharif
The military coalition launched a deadly aggression against Yemen in March 2017, killing over 13,000 people and injuring much more.
According to back to a private Pakistani TV news channel, Neo TV, Retired General Sharif is very unhappy with the American interference in the Saudi-led Military Alliance’s affairs.
Sharif is seriously considering leaving the position he took over last month and come back to Pakistan due to the limited role he is being given by the Saudi regime.
The 41-nation so-called Islamic Military alliance was initially proposed as a platform for security cooperation among Muslim countries. The Saudi-led alliance has come under sharp criticism for leaving out major Muslim countries such as Iraq, Syria and Iran while Indonesia (the world's largest Muslim nation) has refused to join the alliance.
Reports of General Sharif considering quitting the alliance comes after the hot debate over Saudi not providing Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif the time to deliver a speech at the recent US-Arab Muslim summit attended by US President Donald Trump in Riyadh.
Many Pakistani media outlets called it 'national humiliation,' saying no opportunity was given to Pakistan to present its case within the context of the country being one of the biggest victims of terrorism.
What infuriated Pakistanis further was when Trump, in his speech at the event, said, "India was one of the countries which had suffered due to terrorism," while ignoring Pakistan.