Monday 31 December 2018 - 10:17

Israel irate after Jordanian minister steps on regime's flag

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Jordan's Minister for Media Affairs and Communications and Government spokesperson Jumana Ghunaimat (R) steps on the Israeli flag at the entrance to the trade union headquarters in Amman in December 2018. (By Jfranews)

A photo was recently released showing Jumana Ghunaimat, Jordan’s minister for media affairs and communications and government spokesperson, stepping on an Israeli flag painted on the floor of the trade union headquarters in Amman last week while on her way for a meeting.

Israel’s foreign ministry has lodged a strong protest with Jordan over Ghunaimat's move, both to government officials in Amman and to the kingdom’s embassy in Tel Aviv.

On Monday, the ministry summoned Jordan’s envoy to Tel Aviv to clarify the incident.

The Amman meeting brought a number of Jordanian government officials, among them Prime Minister Omar Razzaz who entered the trade union building through a side entrance and avoided trampling on the Israeli flag.

During Razzaz's speech at the event, political activists heckled him and accused him of hypocrisy in “supporting the Zionist entity.”

Israel and Jordan have maintained diplomatic relations since they signed a peace deal in 1994. However, many Jordanians strongly oppose Amman ties with Tel Aviv.

The Israeli mission in Amman shut down last July after two Jordanians were gunned down by an embassy guard, prompting the return of the Israeli ambassador along with the killer to the occupied territories.

The guard received a hero’s welcome on his return, further enraging the Jordanians.