Tuesday 23 July 2019 - 07:12

Zionist spies operate on US military bases in Iraq

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Zionist spies operate on US military bases in Iraq
The statement was made by Karim al-Mohammadawi to the Arabic-language news website al-Ma'aloumeh on Monday, 07/22/19, and said that some Zionist spies were stationed at US bases in the western province of Iraq.
The latest attack by Israeli F-35 fighter jets against Hashd al-Shaabi's popular forces in the Amerli region in Salahuddin province was carried out based on the tipoff given by Zionist spies in Iraq, He added
Elsewhere, al-Mohammadawi said, as long as Washington does not allow the Iraqi government to access sophisticated weapons in Iraq under the hegemony of US forces.
While Lebanese media reported on Sunday, Hashd al-Shaabi's position in Salahuddin province was attacked on Friday by Israeli fighter jets.
The Arabic-language news site al-Ahd quoted security sources as saying that Hashd al-Shaabi's position was targeted by three Israeli Harop missiles, 'Loitering Munition', which weighs 23kg, mounted on flying and exploding objects when it hit the target.
He added, these warheads can be controlled remotely and reach 1,000 km.
"Only Israel has this type of weapon in the Middle East," al-Ahd reported.
Security sources told al-Ahd that the Zionist regime's F-16 fighter jets infiltrated southeast al-Ratbah in al-Anbar province on the Baghdad-Amman and Baghdad-Damascus international roads and fired warheads.
Previous reports said an unmanned aircraft on Friday bombed a base operated by Hashd al-Shaabi in Iraq and two people were injured.
"Hashed al-Shaabi's al-Shuhada base in the Amerli region was attacked ... by an unknown plane, injuring two people," an Iraqi military source said in a statement on Friday.
Meanwhile, Iraqi forces spokesman Hashd al-Shaabi dismissed media claims that Iranian military advisers were killed in drone strikes against Amerli bases. This base is located in the Tuz Khurmatu district in Salahuddin province in Northern Iraq.
"In contrast to what the media can say, no advisory force or IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Force) was killed," Ali al-Hosseini was quoted as saying by the Arabic-language news website Baghdad al-Youm on Saturday.
The Arabic-language news channel al-Etejah quoted special sources in Nineveh province as saying before the Friday attack on the Hashd al-Shaabi base in Amerli, a US spy plane carried out a reconnaissance operation against Hashd al-Shaabi and Iraqi troops in the area .
The source said that spy planes carried out reconnaissance operations on Mount Sanjar and the southern region of the region.