Monday 2 September 2019 - 07:16

Russia says US strikes in Syria’s Idlib breached agreements

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Russia says US strikes in Syria’s Idlib breached agreements
On Saturday, the US Central Command said American forces had hit what it claimed were an “al-Qaeda facility” north of Idlib, Reuters reported.

The Russian Defense Ministry subsequently said Washington had not notified Moscow in advance of the attacks, which caused casualties and endangered a standing ceasefire there, Russia’s TASS news agency said.

Russia has been helping out the Syrian military against militants and terrorists at Damascus’ request since 2015.

The US began leading an unlawful coalition of its allies in a purported effort against the Takfiri terrorist group of Daesh in the Arab country. That presence has lasted even though Damascus and its allies uprooted the group two years ago.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the US airstrikes had violated previous agreements. Washington and Moscow have in the past made arrangements aimed at, among other things, avoiding air collision in Syrian airspace.

The US attacks came on the day when the Syrian military had planned to withdraw from the Moscow-monitored de-escalation zone in Idlib to help the deconfliction drive.