Thursday 12 September 2019 - 15:23

Europe begrudgingly repatriating Daesh children

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Europe begrudgingly repatriating Daesh children
Countries like Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Turkey and Russia have taken in a significant number of their civilians. The children have been handed over to family members.

But European countries are dragging their feet. With few exceptions, they have refused to take back Daesh adults and children are being repatriated very slowly.

Germany has taken in 15 children so far and is now preparing to receive four more. But it has almost 300 kids stuck in Syria and Iraq.

Recently 18 children have been flown to Belgium and France. Belgium has promised to repatriate all its children under the age of 10, and those over 10 on a case-by-case basis. Twenty-five have returned since 2012, but another 162 remain. The mothers will be left behind. France says it will accept children on a case-by-case basis too. Fewer than 100 have been returned from Syria and Iraq so far, while aid groups say some 400 French children remain.

Austria is also preparing to repatriate two young orphans of a female Islamic State supporter in the first such move for Vienna.

And the 30 British children stranded in Syria will not be repatriated. Former Home Secretary Sajid Javid decided to revoke the citizenship of Daesh members like Shamima Begum and deny the likes of her child that died in the camp repatriation. That said, many Daesh fighters are said to have returned to the UK already, without detection.

Analysts say the longer children stay in the camps, the more likely it is they will be radicalized and exploited. But European Politicians seem wary of being blamed for any future attacks, and have opted to keep their nationals away.