Wednesday 18 September 2019 - 08:38

‘He has a lot to dish’ on Trump: Bolton in talks to write book

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Former White House national security adviser John Bolton
Former White House national security adviser John Bolton
Following his abrupt departure from the White House, Bolton has said he would have his “say in due course.”

In recent days, he has been in contact with literary agents interested in helping him write his book, two people with knowledge of the situation said, according to The Daily Beast, which said this could provoke Trump’s ire.

“He has a lot to dish,” said one of the sources, who also noted that it was still unclear if Bolton had settled on an agency yet.

The Daily Beast contacted Bolton and asked him about his plan; however, he only replied, “No comment.”

His bitter departure reportedly took place after Trump proposed the idea of lifting some US sanctions on Iran as an incentive for the Islamic Republic to come to the negotiating table.

Trump suggested easing sanctions against Iran as a means of encouraging Tehran to renegotiate the 2015 nuclear deal, officially called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), but the idea did not sit well with Bolton, according to NBC News citing a source familiar with the matter.

Bolton, a well-known Iran hawk, made clear to the US president during their discussion in the Oval Office on September 9 that he strongly disagreed with the proposal, the source said.

A day later, Trump fired Bolton, saying he disagreed  with many of his proposals.

On Tuesday, Trump listed five people as a replacement for Bolton, most of whom are already familiar faces from within his administration.

The candidates include Ricky Waddell, who served as deputy national security adviser for a year when retired General H.R. McMaster had the top position, and Vice President Mike Pence's security aide Keith Kellogg, who was executive secretary of the National Security Council.

Hostage negotiator Robert O'Brien, who has a long history in Republican foreign policy circles, is a third candidate.

Fred Fleitz, a former CIA officer, is another possible replacement who also served as executive secretary of the National Security Council and was Bolton's chief of staff at the State Department.

The fifth suggested person to succeed Bolton is Lisa Gordon-Hagerty, under secretary for nuclear security of the US Department of Energy.