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Trump: Kurds are not angels .. Let Syria and Turkey solve the problem between them

17 Oct 2019 06:36

Islam Times - US President Donald Trump stressed that his country is not interested in what is happening in Syria, "Let Syria and Turkey solve the problem between them," he said, adding that "the Kurds are not angels."

"Our troops will withdraw from Syria," he said during a meeting with Italian President Sergio Matarella. "Our forces are not police guarding that country."

"Sanctions against Turkey are better than war and help in a dialogue between Turkey and the Kurds." He added.

The president had previously described the Kurds as "excellent fighters and special people," but he changed his mind. "They are more protected now, they are not angels, and our friends are not good fighters," he said.

The US President, when asked if it is possible to build an alliance with the Kurds against Turkey against the backdrop of the recent aggression on northeastern Syria, "He loves the Kurds," he said, but stressed that "the United States has spent a lot of money to support them, whether in terms of weapons, ammunition or money."

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