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Qais Saeed writes his first words in the anti-corruption register

22 Oct 2019 07:45

Islam Times - Tunisia's new president, Qais Said, has declared his earnings in preparation for the swearing-in ceremony.

"Today I was honored to present a new statement of gains, and I will declare every gain if there is a need for a new statement,'' He wrote on Monday in the record of the Anti-Corruption.

He added: "We will work together, God willing, to resist corruption and eliminate all its causes. Every official, regardless of rank, should set an example, and every citizen should exercise constant control over all officials, whatever their ranks."

He continued: "A single penny will not go except in the framework of the law, nor tolerate those who still think that he can go beyond the law."

Earlier, the Higher Electoral Commission of Tunisia announced the victory of Qais Said in the early presidential elections (after the death of President Essebsi) in which Tunisians voted on Sunday 13 October 2019.

The head of the Tunisian Electoral Commission, Nabil Bafoun, said that Qais Said receives 72.71% of the total votes, while his rival Nabil Karoui got 27.29%.

The Tunisian president is due to be sworn in on Wednesday.

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