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Egyptian newspaper published Amr Moussa’s approval to the export of gas to Israel in 1993

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Egyptian newspaper published Amr Moussa’s approval to the export of gas to Israel in 1993
Cairo (Islam Times) - Amr Moussa, one of the candidates for presidency, denied the media reports about his involvement in the export of Egyptian gas to Israel, considering that the aim of the publication is to insult him and accuse him of treason, where the newspaper that broadcasted the news pointed out that the Israeli Mossad is the one that chooses the foreign ministers of Egypt.

The published document is a letter addressed from Amr Moussa in November 1993 to the Egyptian Minister of Petroleum back then, engineer Hamdi Al-Banbi, which includes Moussa’s confirmation on his approval to export gas to "Israel" in the meetings of regional economic cooperation held in the Danish capital Copenhagen at the beginning of November 1993.

The spokesman for Amr Moussa’s official campaign said in a statement issued by the campaign, that the document presented in the paper refers only to the agreement of opinion between the Foreign Minister and the Minister of Petroleum on the importance of the start of the preliminary studies to export gas to the Gaza Strip and Israel.

The spokesman stressed that it "was basically intended provide the Gaza Strip with power and allow the necessary studies of the feasibility of the project, which was not possible at all without reference to the goal which is to export gas to the Gaza Strip and Israel, and of course the headline of the newspaper did not mention the basic side of the letter which focuses on the Gaza Strip as an attempt at forgery of the truth and indulging in the process of political slaughter of the presidential candidate Amr Moussa.

The statement pointed out that as long as the official letters in the files of the state are leaking and being disclosed or otherwise, Amr Moussa will be ask the Egyptian Foreign Minister to disclose the complete file in front of the people and public opinion, so that the political situation of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, at the time, and the Minister personally become known.
The official spokesman said that what was published makes "Moussa, who has a long mature political history in the service of Egypt, the Arab world and the Palestinian issue in particular, accused of lying and perhaps of betraying the political trust given to him, stressing that it is not any part’s right, on which respects public opinion and aims to provide the public with the truth, the truth, to participate in the process of falsification of history, which has been factual for a long time, and it seems that this did not end after the revolution despite the fact that the January 25 revolution did not aim to bring things out of their historical context.

He also stressed, that Amr Moussa, "will reveal the truth to the Egyptian citizens in the end, and the truth will prevail" and " the agendas that work to exclude Amr Moussa from the presidential election which seek to exclude the an able and capable person will be dealt with and exposed, along with those behind such policies which only want the leadership of Egypt in the next phase to be different only in shape from the former regime, and the leader would have to identify and agree on foreign policies that in fact serve the Israeli interests, as well as policies that support and sustain offenses to Egypt, the Egyptians,  the Arabs, and Muslims and these are not consistent with the positions of Amr Moussa.