Sunday 10 November 2019 - 11:35

Iraq: 10 ISIS operatives arrested in Mosul

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Iraq: 10 ISIS operatives arrested in Mosul
The Ministry of Information said that "a joint force of the 12th police emergency regiment of the Nineveh Police Command and the Directorate of Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism of Nineveh working within the Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency of the Ministry of Interior and based on accurate information and taking the judiciary approves a security operation, which arrested 10 members of ISIS terrorist gangs in the areas and neighborhoods of Nahda, Cairo and Zahra on the left side of Mosul.

"Two of them were working in the so-called Amniah, one of them in the so-called Shar'iah, and the rest were working as a combatant in Diwan during the period of ISIS control of the city of Mosul," the ministry said in a statement.

The security services are carrying out operations in different areas of Nineveh province, resulting in the arrest of leaders and members of the "Daesh" terrorist organization.