Friday 15 November 2019 - 09:49

Firm Principles is the Most Important Strength Factor in Combating Terrorism: Assad

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Firm Principles is the Most Important Strength Factor in Combating Terrorism: Assad
The meeting dealt with the recent developments in the region.

Both sides affirmed the continuous cooperation and coordination in combating terrorism until eliminating it completely in a way that reflects positively on the safety and stability of the countries in the region as a whole.

The meeting also discussed means to develop relations between the two countries at various fields, mainly the economic ones.

President al-Assad clarified that adherence to firm principles is the most important strength factor of the axis of combating terrorism.

He said that we and our friends will continue to confront the ambitions of the West and its colonial states by hitting their agents and mercenaries who have been defeated in many areas.

President al-Assad pointed out that Syria supports any attempts to find a solution to the situation in it.

‘Attempts are being made to suggest that the solution to the war would be achieved through the committee of discussing constitution, and that is not true because the war in Syria did not arise because of disagreement or division regarding the Constitution but began because there are terrorism that began to kill, intimidate and sabotage; and therefore the war ends when terrorism ends,” President al-Assad explained.

For his part, Zonnouri congratulated Syria’s leadership and people over the victories achieved against terrorism, affirming that what combines Iran and Syria is beyond tactical issues on the ground, it is one destiny and a common honorable history.

He indicated that the war to which the Syrians are exposed today is the same war which Iran had gone through since its revolution and won at that time despite the multiplicity of its fronts.

Syria will triumph despite all the difficulties it faces, Zonnouri concluded.