Tuesday 3 December 2019 - 07:12

Syrian Foreign Ministry: Washington's Disasters are a Disgrace to a Country that Claims Democracy and Freedom

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Syrian Foreign Ministry: Washington
An official source at the Foreign Ministry on the occasion of the international anniversary of the "victims of chemical warfare" stated that: "We all remember the wars carried out by the United States under the pretext of weapons of mass destruction and destroyed by which countries and peoples and civilizations, including Iraq ... To admit in the end that the information was wrong and that their wars were based on lies.”

"On this occasion, we recall Hiroshima, Nagasaki and all the weapons of mass destruction used by Washington before all, which led to indelible humanitarian disasters," the source said, adding that it was and still is a disgrace to a state that claims democracy, freedom and the safety of peoples and calls on others not to use those weapons." He added.

He continued: "Today we all remember the same lies that the American regime and some Western regimes put behind it about Syria's use of chemical weapons, which proved to be a lie, falsification and fabrication, not the latest of the recent manipulation of reports of such false incidents."

The source said Syria calls on the United States to actually do for once what it calls for regarding the prohibition of manufacturing and using chemical weapons, and to pressure Israel to sign this convention and commit to it, instead of shedding fake tears for peoples when in fact the United States was the cause for destroying their countries, disfiguring their children, and killing hundreds of thousands of their population with such weapons.